I am an (opti)mistic girl. There is no mountain high enough for me.  I live to read and to write and to love. I like to know everything about everything in these world. I am interested in people who they have a good story to tell cuz i want to make it heard. I am inspired by people, by life.  So, if you have a story that you think it desurve to be listened, just write to me. 🙂

I think the nature is the only place where you can find yourself …so we have to value it. The modern world try to take it from us and put it in an wallpaper. The NATURE is not an image on your desktop! The nature is our mother. Dont’let anyone kill her.

I am a hero in a world full of robots. I still fight for the real values. So you can be a hero too…just get the fuck out and plant a tree.

Ohhh I almost forgot, I LOVE JAZZ MUSIC…especially saxohone.



me being a hero




the others(that i have to save)


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